Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Effective Modern C++ in Simplified Chinese!

In mid-2015, I was told that translations of Effective Modern C++ into both traditional and simplified Chinese had been authorized. About a year later, the traditional translation showed up on my doorstop (as I noted here). It's been nearly two more years, but the other shoe has finally dropped: EMC++ is now available in simplified Chinese.

Like the original English edition of the book (but unlike most translations), the simplified Chinese version uses multiple ink colors. Readers should thus benefit from the information that conveys.

I'm pleased to welcome this translation into the Effective Modern C++ family. In theory, this makes the information in it accessible to over a billion additional people, so I'll be looking for O'Reilly to find a way to sell it to nearly all of them :-) If you'd like to be a customer, I'm told the place to buy the book--or at least a place to buy it--is here.



御宅暴君 said...

Glad to hear that.

selsele said...

good to know

Lewis Chan said...

Hi. Scott, I'm reading this book right now and there's an issue puzzling me. In item 26, I wrote the same example as that in book, see this: code And by compiling and running, I found there's almost no difference between the two in terms of running time, even the good one is slower that the bad one. Could you please give some guidances about that ?

Scott Meyers said...

Lewis, because I've been retired from C++ involvement for over three and a half years, I find it difficult to get back deep enough into the technical material to help you with your question. I suggest you post it (or something similar to it) to Stack Overflow. I'm sure the people there can help you.