Saturday, June 16, 2018

Minor Change to Blog Charter

Until today, this blog has been about "Scott Meyers' Professional Activities and Interests." I've just removed the "Professional," so now the blog is about "Scott Meyers' Activities and Interests." In theory, this means I can now blog about anything, though in practice, you're unlikely to notice much change. I'm not planning anything dramatic. In fact, I'm not planning anything at all. I just thought it'd be a good idea to relax the blog's thematic constraints.



Irfan said...

Depending upon how willing you would be to comment on matters of interest, it would be nice to know you on a personal level as well. I am glad that you have decided to relax the thematic constraints.

All the best,


mwb said...

"In fact, I'm not planning anything at all"

This is the part of retirement that I'm most looking forward to. I hope your is going well!