Thursday, March 28, 2002

Possible open-enrollment seminars this summer

I am considering offering some open-enrollment courses near Portland,
Oregon, this summer, and I'd like to get some idea of which courses would
be of the greatest interest. In theory, I could offer any of the courses
listed at my Training Page (,
but the following are the ones I'm most actively considering:

High-Performance C++ Programming
1 Day
Description at

Effective C++ Programming
5 Days
Description at

Effective STL Programming
2 Days
Description at

An Effective Introduction to the STL
4 Days
Description at

Cost would probably be around $500/day and would include continental
breakfast, buffet lunch, afternoon snack, and an unlimited supply of

If you think that you or your colleagues would be able to attend a seminar,
please let me know the topics and time frame that would be best for you, as
well as the number of people. If you are interested in a topic not listed
above, please let me know that. If you think that you and your colleagues
would be unlikely to attend a seminar this summer, please do not reply to
this message.

Thanks for your help with this.


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