Monday, March 11, 2002

Updated Effective C++ CD Errata List

I just updated the Effective C++ CD errata page
( with the
latest batch of bug reports, as well as with a revised version of the bug
report regarding problems using IE6. That, along with the corresponding
bug report for NS6, are the most important new entries. Here's the full

9/18/01 dp Under IE6, image and chunk size choices don't appear in
the navigation area, and lines don't break properly to
fit the browser window. For more information on the CD
and IE6, see href="">the message I
posted to my mailing
list on the subject
. (Despite these problems, many
people seem to feel that the CD works acceptably well
under IE6.)

11/10/01 sdm Change all URLs and email addresses that mention to URLs/email addresses at
because, despite over six years of trying, the web
morons at AW are incapable of maintaining valid URLs
and email addresses.

1/19/02 ecm The CD doesn't work properly with Netscape 6.2. In
particular, images are not displayed correctly, and
chunk and image sizes are not indicated in the
navigation area.

1/22/02 ds In the magazine article "Counting Objects in C++,"
the comment in the second class definition after P55 is
incorrect: "rest of Widget" ==> "rest of ABCD"

2/ 1/02 am In the MEC++ appendix, "An auto_ptr Implemention," the
out-of-line implementation of the generalized (i.e.,
templatized) copy constructor is missing the part that
declares the template parameter U. The code should look
like this:

template<class T>
template<class U>
inline auto_ptr<T>::auto_ptr(auto_ptr<U>& rhs)
: pointee(rhs.release())

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