Sunday, August 13, 2006

Two Changes to Mailing List Policy

Yesterday I updated the web page describing my mailing list polices
( to reflect a couple of things I've been
doing for a while, anyway. First, I eliminated mention of "RFAs" (requests for
assistance), because I found that I could almost never bring myself to bother
you people with situations where I needed help. (I ended up bothering other
people.) Second, I no longer post to my mailing list when I make updates to my
publications' errata lists. I used to batch the updates and post to the list
when I did a batch, but now I put updates online as issues come to me. The
result is that there is no longer much of a delay between the time I know about
an issue and you can, but updates are now too frequent to fit into the
low-volume charter of this mailing list. Probably the proper solution to this
problem is to have my web site offer an RSS feed for errata updates, but I
currently have neither the knowledge nor the time to implement such a feed, so
for the foreseeable future, the best way to find out whether there are any new
updates for my books or my CD is to check the appropriate web pages from time to


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