Thursday, August 3, 2006

Upcoming Talks Through Year-End

I've scheduled a number of talks on a variety of topics this fall near Portland,
Oregon and in Germany. The details are available at my Upcoming Talks Page
(, but the overall summary is shown

20 Sep Dresden, Germany Better Software -- No Matter What
21 Sep Dresden, Germany Designing & Implementing Effective C++ Classes
22 Sep Dresden, Germany High-Performance C++ Programming
25 Sep Stuttgart, Germany What's New in Effective C++?
26 Sep Stuttgart, Germany Effective C++ in an Embedded Environment
27 Sep Stuttgart, Germany Design Patterns, Templates, and Policy-Based
11 Oct Portland, Oregon The Keyhole Problem
26 Oct Portland, Oregon An Introduction to C++ Library Functionality
in TR1 and Boost
9 Nov Beaverton, Oregon Effective C++ in an Embedded Environment
27 Nov Frankfurt/Main, Germany Concepts and Architecture of the STL
28 Nov Frankfurt/Main, Germany Programmer Discretion and Software Quality

Also, I have a five-part C++-related article that will start appearing soon (I'd
hoped it would have started appearing by now). I'll post details to this
mailing list when they are available, but I thought you might be interested to
know that I still do a little writing from time to time :-)


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