Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"C++ and Beyond" Tickets Going Fast

On April 17, I announced the opening of registration for C++ and Beyond, the end-of-October sort-of-a-conference event featuring me, Andrei Alexandrescu, and Herb Sutter.  Registrations have been coming in at a steady rate ever since.  20 of the 60 available places have now been taken.  At this rate, we'll sell out long before the end of the Early Bird registration period, thus demonstrating why we're known for our technology smarts and not for our business savvy. 

One of the primary features of this event is its limited size, so the number of available spots will not increase.  Once 60 people have signed up, that's it:  registration will close.  (We'll probably set up a waiting list, in case there are cancellations.)

If you're at all interested in C++ and Beyond, I strongly encourage you to subscribe to its RSS feed, because most of what I have to say about that event goes on its blog, not here.  Even if you're not interested in attending C&B (as Herb, Andrei, and I call it), you may find the C&B blog interesting, because that's where we post ideas for technical sessions and otherwise more or less think out loud. Last week, for example, I posted about a prospective session called CPU Caches and Why You Care.


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