Wednesday, January 25, 2012

September Open-Enrollment Seminars in Stuttgart, Germany

In what has in recent years become an annual pilgrimage to Stuttgart, I, in collaboration with QA Systems, will conduct three open-enrollment seminars in September.  Each is two days long.  As with all my public presentations, you'll find details at my Upcoming Talks page. To save you the trouble of clicking through that, here's the summary:

17-18 September 2012
Effective C++ in an Embedded Environment
20-21 September 2012

Fastware for C++
24-25 September 2012

An Overview of the New C++ (C++11)

The talk on C++11 will be a two-day version of my three-day training course, which means that some topics I'd normally cover will be omitted. The topics to be skipped will come out of the material covering new standard library functionality, but which library features will be omitted will be determined during the seminar, based on the interests of the attendees and the time remaining after all core C++11 language topics have been discussed.  To ensure that attendees have copies of all the materials I'll show, each attendee will receive a copy of the materials for the full three-day seminar, even though it will be clear from the outset that I won't be able to cover everything.  In other words, the handout you'll get as a seminar participant will include "bonus topics" not covered in the lecture :-) 

Last year's experiment in doing a presentation in German was, linguistically speaking, successful (people had no trouble understanding me, and I had no trouble responding to their questions and comments), but I don't speak German as quickly as I speak English, and that meant that I had to omit a couple of topics I normally cover.  The feedback I got was that covering more topics was more important than doing a presentation in German, so this year, I'm back to an all-English set of talks.  During breaks and lunch, I still plan to speak German, however, so if you're interested in hearing my funny accent and colorful grammatical constructs, don't worry. You'll have plenty of chances :-)

I look forward to seeing you in Stuttgart in September.


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