Friday, May 31, 2013

"Effective C++11/14 Programming" in Oslo and London

In February, I announced that I'd be offering a new training seminar in Oslo, London, and Stuttgart. The seminar was Effective C++11 Programming. Because I was still working on the material for the seminar, I indicated that the course description I posted was preliminary.

A lot has happened since then. First, I finished my materials for the training course. Second, a draft version of C++14 was published. Third, I revised my materials to incorporate parts of C++14 that are particularly relevant and that seem likely to remain stable as C++14 is finalized. And fourth, I changed the name of the seminar to Effective C++11/14 Programming.  The course descriptions for the seminars I'll hold in Oslo and London have now been updated to reflect the change in course title and the no-longer-tentative list of topics. The links below will take you to these updated pages:
The information for the presentation in Stuttgart has not yet been updated. That should happen soon, but there may be further refinements to that description later this summer, because the version of the course I'll present there will benefit from experience I get delivering it in Oslo (world debut!) and London.

I hope to see you in Oslo, London, or Stuttgart to talk about how to make effective use of C++11 and C++14.



Rein Halbersma said...

Will you also update your Overview of the New C++ to reflect the C++14 additions?

Scott Meyers said...

@Rein Halbersma: I will definitely update my Overview of the New C++ materials to incorporate places where C++14 affects topics I already address in that course (notably lambdas and mutex types). I hope to do that next week before I leave for Norway, but I can't guarantee I'll have time to get it done.

Rein Halbersma said...

@Scott Great, looking forward to these updates!