Sunday, June 2, 2013

C&B Early Bird Rates Expire in a Week!

The special "Early Bird" registration rate for this year's C++ and Beyond (to be held December 9-12 near Seattle, Washington, USA) expires on June 9--a week from today. Attendance is strictly limited to 64 participants, and well over half those spots have already been taken. If you'd like to be part of C&B  2013, be sure to register soon. If you'd like to save $300, be sure that "soon" is no later than June 9.

In recent weeks, session topics for this year's C&B have begun to be posted, so the form of the program is starting to develop. In view of the fact that the first full draft of C++14 appeared in April and that final adoption is expected next year, it shouldn't be surprising that C++14 is emerging as an important theme. Though I haven't officially announced it yet, I plan to offer at least one session derived from material in the book I'm working on now. Until recently, I expected that book to be called Effective C++11, but my working title has now become Effective C++11/14.

C&B sessions will consider more than just language features. The one talk I have officially announced is Concurrent Data Structures and Standard C++, which focuses on an important threading-related topic that isn't addressed by C++11 or C++14. My guess is that there will be at least one session focusing on pure performance, too, though it's too early to say for sure.  (Herb and Andrei and I develop our session topics independently, typically motivated by whatever issues we're most  passionate about at the time.The result is engaging sessions with extremely up-to-date content, but predicting the topics months in advance is difficult.)

To keep abreast of session topics as they are announced, subscribe to the C&B blog or mailing list, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook. You'll find links to all these things at the C&B home page. And don't forget that early bird registration expires on June 9!


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